16 december 2012

the Science of Persuasion

When I studied "Social psychology" at Lunds University quite some years ago now, I read the book "Influence:  Science and Practice" by Robert B. Cialdini...

From a tweet by Daniel Pink, I found this amazing animated "clip" about "The Secrets from the Science of Persuasion", by Cialdini and Martin, taking this one step further...

6 universal shortcuts that guide our decision making;
  1. RECIPROCITY - be the First to give, Personalized and Unexpected
  2. SCARCITY - people want More of those things there are Less of
  3. AUTHORITY - people will follow Credible, Knowledgeable Experts
  4. CONSISTENCY - looking for, and asking for Commitments that can be made
  5. LIKING - we are often persuaded by people we like, i.e people who are Similar to us, people who pay us Compliments and people who Cooperate with us
  6. CONSENSUS - people will look to the Actions of Others to determine their Own
Se även blogg-post från VD-bloggen, som ytterligare beskriver dessa principer.

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