Visar inlägg från februari, 2012

Change management by happiness

What is really organizational change management? John Kotter has written a lot of books about Change management ; "Leading Change, The Heart of Change, Our Iceberg is melting", where he also explains his famous eight steps to successful change . What else is written about change management? In our internal Yammer tool, I have discovered some new thoughts about this topic.... From Forbes I found an article describing 5 Lessons From A Professional Change Agent (Thanks Dilyana and Juha). Carol Kinsey Goman , is a “professional change agent,” hired to help leaders become more effective communicators. For twenty-five years she has studied, written about, and addressed business conferences on the topic of leading change. She has also learned a lot from the communication trials and triumphs of the business professionals she coaches. Here’s what she has learned so far: People are more important than strategy Emotion has more impact than logic Your behavior is more pe

Seven habits - the public victory

I would like to share my exformative summary of "the public victory" from the book " The seven habits of highly effective people - powerful lessons in personal change" by Stephen R. Covey . To see my exformative summary of the private victory, click here . The public victory is all about interdependance ... THINK WIN/WIN Stephen Covey defines six paradigms of human interaction: Win/Win, Win/Lose, Lose/Win, Lose/Lose, Win, Win/Win or No Deal. The Win/Win paradigm is a frame of mind and heart, meaning that agreements or solutions should be mutually beneficial, mutually satisfying. Win/Win is a belief in the Third alternative . It´s not your way or my way; it´s a bettter way, a higher way . The principle of Win/Win embraces five interdependant dimensions of life. It begins with character and moves toward relationships, out of which flow agreements. It is nurtured in an environment where structure and systems are based on Win/Win. And it involves process; we

Are you a Happy Leader?

If not, have a look into this amazing YouTube clip, and I promise that you will have a smile on your face within a minute:

Exformation Magic7 February Energy boost

Well, it is time for  a new exformation magic7 music video list. Use it as an energy boost at work, as a party starter at your TV/Boxee equipment or just in your laptop for visually listening to some good music. This time with Avicci, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Laleh, Adam Tensta, Ciara, Don Omar och Erik Prydz . Enjoy, directly from YouTube :