Visar inlägg från september, 2021

Tribal leadership: Purpose - Mastery - Autonomy

What´s the secret behind effective Tribal leadership? From Agile Alliance you can read an experience report describing " The journey of an agile leadership team - the power of three ". This report explains how ING in Netherlands introduces a new virtual leadership team to support the squads - the Product Owner (PO), the Chapter Lead (CL) and the Agile Coach (AC). The most interesting thing for me is how this leadership team split their responsibilities in order to create drive and motivation in the organisation. They use inspiration from one of my favorite books and authors; "Drive - the surprising truth about what motivates us" written by Dan Pink. This book explains the ingredients needed in order to create motivated employees in "modern organisations" - Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy . In short: The Product Owner is responsible for explaining the Purpose of everything the squad are doing linked to overall goals and vision The Chapter Lead is responsibl

Lean-Agile leadership

What is specific with Lean-Agile leadership ? From SAFe home page you can read more about the cornerstones of Lean-Agile leadership . I would like to emphasize three components that are close to my heart - emotional intelligence, growth mindset and organizational change management practices. First , as a Lean-Agile leader you need to "Lead by Example". In order to do this you need to " model behaviors that foster a generative culture ". The following behaviors create the foundation for this dimension of leadership: Authenticity Emotional Intelligence Life-long learning Growing others Decentralized decision making I have been interested in  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) since about 2005, starting out by reading the book "Emotional intelligence" by Daniel Goleman. I am a certified coach within the Emotional Intelligence framework EQ-i 2.0 and I strongly believe every leader has to understand this set of skills that has been defined within the positive psych