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Why Givers (often) succeed by Adam Grant

My Favorite author Dan Pink has written a blog post about " Why Givers (often) succeed ". It refers to a book by  Adam Grant  called " Give and Take " . Grant defines three factors that are needed in order to succeed; T alent, E ffort/Persistence/Drive and a person´s " R eciprocity style".   Research shows that  Givers  are the  least successful  in a workplace and also the  most successful. From the blog: In our professional lives, he says, we tend to be either givers, takers, or matchers. Most of us are  matchers . We’re willing to give — to help others — but we expect something in return. Matchers live in the world of reciprocity, tit-for-tat, and Even Steven. A few of us, meanwhile, are  takers . Our style is to get more than we give. (Spoiler alert: Research shows that we hate takers and root for them to fail.) And a few of us are  givers . We give more than we get — with no expectation of return . See the talk Adam gave at Google about "

Happiness word clouds

FROM GOOGLE SEARCH about Happiness #1, from action from happiness: #2, from 123rf: #3 from freshbitesblog: Don´t worry - be happy:

The new ABC in sales by Dan Pink

Yesterday I finished the book " To Sell is Human - The surprising truth about persuading, convincing, and influencing others" by Daniel H. Pink - one of my favorite authors. Dan writes specifically about the new ABC in sales - A ttunement, B uoyancy and C larity (see word cloud from his book showing adjectives/interjections people offered most frequently when prompted to think of sales/selling). Related to Attunement, Dan states that new research clearly shows that extroverts are not the best sales persons - it´s the ambiverts. Dan has an easy assessment tool to measure introversion and extraversion that can be found at his web site . When I took the test, I got below statements as feedback: You're an  ambivert . That means you're neither strongly introverted nor strongly extraverted. Recent research by Adam Grant of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Management has found that ambiverts make the best salespeople. Ambiverts tend to be ad

Klart! av David Stiernholm

I Kontentan #15/2012 summeras boken " Klart " Bli superstrukturerad på 31 dagar " skriven av David Stiernholm.   David Stiernholm är struktör. Han hjälper människor och företag att skapa bättre ordning och struktur och därmed att bli effektivare med konkreta verktyg och metoder som du direkt kan använda på jobbet och hemma.  Hans motto är: Allt kan göras enklare! Här kommer min exformativa summering av hans 31-dagars träningsprogram:  Boka in 31 halvtimmar i din kalender Samla ihop alla dina att-göra noteringar  Lägg in noteringarna i ett verktyg Buffertdag - jobba ikapp Kategorisera dina att-göra noteringar efter sammanhang Skapa en översikt över dina ansvarsområde Leta reda på dina surdegar - sätt igång med ett första steg Skaffa dig en överblick avseende var du lagrar dina dokument Buffertdag - jobba ikapp Bli mer proaktiv - planera in tid för översiktlig genomgång Tydliggör dina mål Sortera bort arbetsuppgifter som inte för dig närmre dina mål G

Magic7 from Kos with Passion

Magic - Passion - Excellent ,  Outstanding - Unbelievable - Exformation - House - Love - Dream ... From? Yes, YouTube :