Why Givers (often) succeed by Adam Grant

My Favorite author Dan Pink has written a blog post about "Why Givers (often) succeed". It refers to a book by Adam Grant called "Give and Take". Grant defines three factors that are needed in order to succeed; Talent, Effort/Persistence/Drive and a person´s "Reciprocity style".  Research shows that Givers are the least successful in a workplace and also the most successful.

From the blog:
In our professional lives, he says, we tend to be either givers, takers, or matchers. Most of us are matchers. We’re willing to give — to help others — but we expect something in return. Matchers live in the world of reciprocity, tit-for-tat, and Even Steven. A few of us, meanwhile, are takers. Our style is to get more than we give. (Spoiler alert: Research shows that we hate takers and root for them to fail.) And a few of us are givers. We give more than we get — with no expectation of return.

See the talk Adam gave at Google about "Give and Take":


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