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the Speed of Trust, part2

Jag har precis läst Kontentan #329, som heter "The speed of trust - The one thing that changes everything", skriven av Stephen M.R. Covey , son till legenden Stephen R Covey (författaren till S even habits of highly effective people ). Här följer min exformativa summering av denna Kontentan : Boken handlar om hur misstro sinkar beslut, förpestar kontakter och relationer medan förtroende minskar friktionen och får hjulen att gå snabbare. Boken börjar med att förklara att "högt förtroende gör det mesta mycket eklare". Jim Burke, f.d. ordförande och vd i Johnson o Johnson citeras: Du lyckas inte utan förtroende. Begreppet förtroende inbegriper nästan allt du kan sträva efter för att lyckas. Ingen relation fungerar utan förtroende, det må vara ett äktenskap, en vänskap eller en social kontakt. I det långa loppet gäller det också företag, inte minst de som gör affärer med allmänheten. Boken svarar på frågan: Har tillit någon ekonomisk betydelse ? Ja, tilliten

Where Good Ideas Come From

WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM by Steven Johnson . Engines of creativity = the historic increase in Connectivity ...distracted... borrow... combine... missing piece... From Wikipedia: "He is the author of the best-selling book, Everything Bad is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter (2005), which argues that over the last three decades popular culture artifacts (like television dramas and video games) have become increasingly complex and have helped to foster higher-order thinking skills." Directly from YouTube:

Be the first win to synergize the saw

I would like myself to be proactive ... Sometimes it is difficult, but tomorrow I really would like myself to begin with the end in mind while writing an extraordinary blog post about the Stephen Covey seven habits of highly effective people. I truly believe that I right now should be in my sofa looking at TV, to p ut first things first , like Fredrik and Filip or Karatefylla. When I think about life, I really think Win-Win . Why? Because, in all my inter-human interactions, I Seek first to understand, then to be understood . After some meditation and reflection, I usually synergize and finally, I look around in despair, looking for a place where I can Sharpen the saw . By the way, picture from In real life, I found this video clip, directly from YouTube . The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in Five Minutes from That was pretty good. But wait, the Hindu version is even better. Directly from YouTube , 7 Habits of Highly Effective

the Speed of Trust

Stephen M.R. Covey (the son of Stephen R. Covey ) has written the book " Speed of trust " - The One Thing that Changes Everything . [picture from] This video says it all, or not ... : If you got inspired and want to know more about "leading at the speed of trust", you should look into this YouTube clip ... It´s all about exformation...

Tribal change leadership

I am a big fan of TED , to say the least... Thanks to the Tieto Yammer Great Leader group, I found some links to the below "tribe" video clips (picture from First, Seth Godin talks about the tribes we lead ( see the full TED show here ): Some exformative statements... Paradigms way back, yesterday and now: Factory - TV- Leadership Tribes are what matters now! You have to find the true believers! Steve Jobs - Bill Gates Tell a story - Connect a Tribe - Lead a movement - Make Change What leaders have in common and How they change everything: Challenge (the status quo) (build a) Culture (they have) Curiosity (they) Connect people (they show) Carisma (they) Commit  Reflect and enjoy: Then, David Logan on tribal leadership ( see the full TED show here ). A summary: People form tribes: they always have - they always will. But not all tribes are the same. What makes all the difference is tribal culture. Tribes are in different matu

My Emotional Intelligence

Once upon a time there was a man who decided he wanted to understand more about himself. He started to read a lot of books about "getting to know yourself" and even studied psychology in the university. Eventually he became a manager and a leader of his company where he could continue his journey understanding himself by attending different management trainings and also by learning in day to day life what impact he had on his followers. When he became older he noticed that the manager role as such, including a lot of administrative work and economical follow up activities, was not what he enjoyed most. He took a role where he had the freedom to continue with his more strategical overview activities but also supporting others in other more operational areas. He started to write blog posts about leadership and communication during nights and continued to read a lot of interesting books and looking into the web for links and hints for YouTube clips and other interesting sources

Exformation Magic7 September primal list

Yet another exformation Magic7 music video fire-work. This time with Maroon5 moving like Jagger, Ricky Martin Me=You, Lady Gaga You and I, Train Sister, September Party, Beyonzé passion and Mange Makers: