Tribal change leadership

I am a big fan of TED, to say the least... Thanks to the Tieto Yammer Great Leader group, I found some links to the below "tribe" video clips (picture from

First, Seth Godin talks about the tribes we lead ( see the full TED show here):

Some exformative statements...
Paradigms way back, yesterday and now:
Factory - TV- Leadership

Tribes are what matters now! You have to find the true believers!
Steve Jobs - Bill Gates

Tell a story - Connect a Tribe - Lead a movement - Make Change

What leaders have in common and How they change everything:
  • Challenge (the status quo)
  • (build a) Culture
  • (they have) Curiosity
  • (they) Connect people
  • (they show) Carisma
  • (they) Commit
 Reflect and enjoy:

Then, David Logan on tribal leadership (see the full TED show here).
A summary:
  • People form tribes: they always have - they always will.
  • But not all tribes are the same.
  • What makes all the difference is tribal culture.
Tribes are in different maturity stages:
  1. Life sucks
  2. My life sucks
  3. I´m great (and you are not)
  4. We´re great
  5. Life is great
Leaders are fluent in all five tribal stages

We all form tribes!
Will yours change the world?
Reflect and enjoy:


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