My Emotional Intelligence

Once upon a time there was a man who decided he wanted to understand more about himself. He started to read a lot of books about "getting to know yourself" and even studied psychology in the university. Eventually he became a manager and a leader of his company where he could continue his journey understanding himself by attending different management trainings and also by learning in day to day life what impact he had on his followers. When he became older he noticed that the manager role as such, including a lot of administrative work and economical follow up activities, was not what he enjoyed most. He took a role where he had the freedom to continue with his more strategical overview activities but also supporting others in other more operational areas. He started to write blog posts about leadership and communication during nights and continued to read a lot of interesting books and looking into the web for links and hints for YouTube clips and other interesting sources of information which communicated loads of exformation.

Not so long ago he started to realize that emotional intelligence (picture from is one important framework to describe a persons ability to create results in this world. He reflected somewhat of himself and did the following observation about his own abilities linked to the emotional intelligence framework:
"I beleive I have a pretty good self-awareness and also in many situations can use my assertiveness to express my feelings, even though I have some challenges in more conflict oriented situations. My self-regard is getting better but has always been a challenge, but my self-actualization is high even though I still limit my own potential capacities to a certain extent. My independence has never been a strength and probably never will. In interpersonal relations I am good at establishing relationships but really not an expert in maintaining mutually satisfying relationships. My empathy level is high in terms of emotionally reading other people and my social responsibility is OK. My problem solving skills is more into intellectually and emotionally identifying and defining problems than to implement actual solutions in real life whereas my reality testing is good and my flexibility is great (even though my wife claims it´s not)."
After having said that, he felt somewhat satisfied and decided to continue his journey into the unknown territories of self actualization...

A story based on an authentic person IRL...


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