The Secret of Life enligt Alan Watts

Jag fick ett tips från den magiske Mats Bengtsson… lite filosofiska tankar från Alan Watts. Det fanns en hel del material på YouTube, t ex nedan klipp.

Några exformativa statements:

The fear of death is completely absurd,
because if you´re dead -
you have nothing to worry about,
so you´ll be alright 

Living is something spontaneous,
that which happens of itself 

When you try to command this spontaneous process,
you stop it

What you are basically,
deep deep down, far far in
is simply the fabric and structure
of existence itself

Be completely engaged with 
what you are doing
in the hear and now
and instead of calling it work
realize that this is play

Från YouTube - "The Secret of Life" berättad av Alan Watts och videofierad av theJourneyOfPurpose:


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