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When corona virus started to spread around the world, LinkedIn decided to "give away" a training for free. A way of inspiring us how to become better at Remote Working. Directly from LinkedIn Learning - the professional development business course link "Remote Working": Setting Yourself and your Teams up for Success. See my short exformative summary from two of the courses below...

The starting course is:
Tips for Working Remotely by Todd Dewett

Plan your work day
Which tasks absolutely have to be done?
What, if anything, is behind schedule?
What´s the most important work in front of you?
Where do you expect the most challenges?

Establishing a dedicated workspace
Natural light
Noise control
Good temperature
Quality chair and specific desk
Make your workspace personal

Staying focused while working remotely
Respect work time
Avoid distractions
Check email sparingly (sparsamt)
Keep "office" hours
Keep distractions out of sight
Remember lunch

Establish a flexible remote work routine
Plan your day out (5 minutes every morning)
Take intentional breaks
When you get stuck - try something new!

Staying in touch
Decide how you will monitor all relevant electronic connections
Build the habit of using proactive messaging
Inform coworker when you have a busy day ahead
Communicate beyond (use phone/video/F-2-F)

Using technology to build connections
Having a reliable power supply
Quality Wi-Fi
Computer backup
Secure connections
Videoconferencing platform
Text and instant messaging
Group collaboration platform

Giving and receiving feedback remotely
Rule #1, using text or chat can be problematic.
The best form of feedback is F-2-F (or via video/phone)

How to avoid feeling isolated
Find a way to connect in person
Remember the higher purpose you serve
Use technology tools to socialize a little
Don´t be afraid to take a few brakes

Politics of not being in the office
Positively socialize
Make sure your voice is heard
Maintain a bigger dialogue

Making the case for continued remote work
Speak with HR
Analyze current role for remote potential
Support others who work remotely

You can also choose:
Developing Resourcefulness by Todd Dewett

Creating useful and unique solutions
in challenging situations

Benefits of resourcefulness
High-value perceptions
Promotions and recognition
Higher group productivity
Improved team morale

Learn to bend the rules
Know which rules you can break
Prepare an explanation and apology
Clarify - how much social capital do you have?
(reputation, track record, personality, character, network)

Assess your current resources 
Team skills-Information-Physical assets-Relationships
Are your resources meeting your immediate needs?
Which of my resources can be stretched or pushed?
Look outside of your group for help

When to use your resources
View your budget as an investment
Reward great performance
Secure your top talent
Recognize and support the key players
Devise contingency plans
Identify the most important resource issues the next quarter

When not to use your resources
Is there a better use for your discretionary funds?
What are the implications of not spending?
Reset expectations of how you plan to use your resources
Discuss your strategy for the resources with your supervisor

Of course, the trainer Todd Dewett has made a TED Talk, called "Get over yourself" from TEDxDayton - enjoy:


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