Disruptive HR - the EACH model

In our last TietoEVRY global leadership call before the summer we had an inspirational session with Lucy Adams from Disruptive HR who has introduced the EACH model - "Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human Beings". Lucy has experience from leading in a disruptive world being the former HR Director at BBC. 

My summary of the EACH model:

Challenge - every leader is trying to create more:





the EACH model:



Treat employees as ADULTS

- not too much caring

- not too critical

Start from a position of Trust

Principles, not policies

Employees can take responsibility

Encourage innovation and agility

Treat employees as CONSUMERS

provide a tailored approach that meets each individual need:

- how do I learn?

- where do I want to work?

- what makes me feel valued?

Treat employees as HUMAN BEINGS

Redesign your people processes so employees:

- are encouraged to perform better

- feel more included

- feel more valued

From Youtube, a short video from DisruptiveHR explaining the EACH model and also a keynote example from Lucy :


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