"Everything is connected" - TedxTaipei

How is everything connected?

Tom Chi gives his explanation from a scientific perspective at TedxTaipei - this talk gives you something to reflect upon...

My eX4maT!ve summary:


The iron atom in our hemoglobin is there to bind oxygen and move that through our circulatory system.

100 000 galaxies swirling together in a gravitational dance, drives the process of galaxies colliding, which drive massive star formation, which drive the process of creating the iron that courses through each one of our veins with every heartbeat.


Cyanobacteria has been around for 3 Billion Years performing what we call "photosynthesis" (transform carbon dioxide into oxygen). 900 Million years ago, oxygen start to build up in the atmosphere and about 600 Million years ago, the ozone layer forms which is needed in order to sustain complex, multicellular life. Also, the first plants got onto land. 

The descendants to the cyanobacteria were eventually captured by plants and are now called chloroplasts contributing to the photosynthesis in plants. Remember that our out-breath is mirrored by the in-breath of a plant, and their out-breath is mirrored by our in-breath.


"The palette of being"

All of us are born into this life having available to us the experiences of humanity that has come so far. We also have the unique opportunity to create a new color (e.g the invention of a new thing).

The way that we are in our lives, the way we affect our friends and our family, begin to change the way that they are able to paint in the future, begins to change the way that communities then affect society, the way that society then affect its relationship to the biosphere, and the way that the biosphere could then affect the physical planet and the universe itself.

We have been given this amazing gift of consciousness which gives us the ability to deeply understand our connectedness. Therefore we are the ones that have the decision on how we´re going to use that knowledge to build our societies and to shape our lives.

Finally, the link to the full TedxTalk - enjoy:


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