Robin Sharma - Victim versus Leader

Robin Sharma has done it again. An interesting list of leadership thoughts to digest. Amazing.
Below from his blog (read his full blog post here).

If you like the idea of the people you work with becoming leaders within their roles (and the CEO of their job responsibilities), then please study, debate and share the following “19 Victim Versus Leader Distinctions“:
#1. Victims talk about people. Leaders talk about ideas.
#2. Victims procrastinate around their goals. Leaders execute on them.
#3. Victims enjoy watching things (like TV and video games). Leaders like making things.
#4. Victims are distracted. Leaders are concentrated.
#5. Victims abhor change. Leaders Adore change.
#6. Victims read what everyone reads. Leaders read what few do.
#7. Victims associate with other victims. Leaders spend most of their time with superstars (and thereby dramatically elevate their productivity and success).
#8. Victims are stuck in the past. Leaders are inspired by the future.
#9. Victims resist hard projects. Leaders seek them out (knowing it refines their chops).
#10. Victims work at mediocrity. Leaders view work as an opportunity to pursue Mastery.
#11. Victims give most of their time to leisure. Leaders spend a ton of time on their learning.
#12. Victims tear people down (because it makes them feel better). Leaders lift others up.
#13. Victims are rude. Leaders are polite.
#14. Victims practise negativity. Leaders are unreasonably positive.
#15. Victims can’t wait to retire. Leaders are afraid to retire (why retire when you’re having so much fun building something important, growing more leaders and producing value for the world?).
#16. Victims waste time. Leaders exploit time.
#17. Victims achieve things for the applause. Leaders achieve them for the fulfillment.
#18. Victims sleep late. Leaders rise early.
#19. Victims view work as a means to pay the bills. Leaders view work as a way to change the world.

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