Make stress your friend - McGonigal on TED

I looked into a TED talk during lunch today. Kelly McGonigal talked about "how to make stress your friend". I have to confess - it is one of the better TED talks I have seen the past years.

See the talk down below... first my exformative summary:

Do you believe that stress is harmful for your health?
If you don´t believe it´s harmful - it isn´t!

996 - 7 ...

when you learn to think in a new way about stress, "this is my body helping me rise to this challenge", you create a much healthier stress response  - biologically similar to "joy and courage"

Stress makes you social
Oxytocin -" the cuddle hormone", is also a neuro-hormone that fine-tunes your brain´s social instincts and enhances your empathy AND it is a stress hormone.

Oxytocin also protects your cardiovascular system from the effects of stress,
by healing and strengthening your heart

The stress resilience mechanism is human connection

When you choose to view your stress response as helpful,
you create the biology of courage

And when you choose to connect with others under stress,
you can create resilience

See the talk from TED (use English subtitles if needed) or embedded from YouTube below:


  1. Jag kommer att använda mig av denna infon. Enormt intressant!


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