IKEA - The Testament of a Furniture Dealer

Jag hittade IKEA´s dokument "The Testament of a Furniture Dealer" på webben, skriven med start 1976 av Ingvar Kamprad.

I den beskrivs de grundläggande värderingarna som styr fokus för IKEA. Imponerande arbete. Se en summering på svenska här - min korta summering finns nedan [bild från ikeainalmhult.com]:

To create a better everyday life for the many people
by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products 
at prices so low that as many people as possible vill be able to afford them.

1. The product range - our identity. In Scandinavia, people should perceive our basic range as typically IKEA. Elsewhere, they should perceive it as typically Swedish. No effort must be spared to ensure our prices are perceived to be low.

2. The IKEA Spirit - a strong and living reality. The true IKEA spirit is still built on our enthusiasm, from our constant striving for renewal, from our cost-consciousness, from our readiness to take responsibility and help out, from our humbleness in approaching our task and from the simplicity of our way of doing things. We must look after each other and inspire each other.

3. Profit gives us resources. To achieve our aim, we must have resources - especially in the area of finance. We must offer the lowest prices, and we must combine them with good quality.

4. Reaching good results with small means. Wasting resources is a mortal sin at IKEA. We have no respect for a solution until we know what it costs. Use your resources the IKEA way even more in little everyday things.

5. Simplicity is a virtue. Complicated rules paralyze! Do not forget that exaggerated planning is the most common cause of corporate death. We rely on our own strength and our own will!

6. Doing it a different way. By always asking why we are doing this or that, we can find new paths. We dare to do things differently. Not just in large matters, but in solving small everyday problems too.

7. Concentration - important to our success. For us too, it is a matter of concentration - focusing our resources. We can never do anything, everywhere, all at the same time. Concentration - the very word implies strength. Use it in your daily work.

8. Taking responsibility - a privilege. On our IKEA family we want to keep the focus on the individual and support each other. We all have our rights, but we also have our duties. Freedom with responsibility. Our objectives require us to constantly practice making decisions and taking responsibility, to constantly overcome our fear of making mistakes. The fear of making mistakes is the root of bureaucracy and the enemy of development.

9. Most things still remain to be done. A glorious future! Happiness is not reaching your goal. Happiness is being on the way. We will move ahead only by constantly asking ourselves how what we are doing today can be done better tomorrow. Our ambition to develop ourselves as human beings and co-workers must remain high. Humbleness is the key word. Bear in mind that time is your most important resource.

Avslutningsvis, ett YouTube-klipp om värderingar på IKEA:


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