We´re All in Sales Now - Dan Pink

A small part of the book "To Sell Is Human" by Dan Pink is now animated by RSA Shorts (see below). See my earlier blog post about this book here. (Picture from sachachua.com)

The summary:

We´re All in Sales Now

The foundational qualities of being effective in 
persuading, influencing, convincing, moving people:

Attunement - understand their perspective
Can I understand someone else´s point of view?

Buoyancy - interrogative self-talk
Can I remain resilient and buoyant in the face of rejection?

Clarity - curate all the information
Can I help someone make their way through this murk of information… and clarify it?

The quality of the problem that is found is the forerunner of the solution attained.
Problem Finders: experiment, switch direction and take longer time to complete their work

Establish "common ground"

The way to do it more effectively is to just Be a Little Bit More Human

Here comes the "video" from YouTube:


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