Tony Robbins - New World, new You Challenge

I attended the Tony Robbins "New World - new You Challenge" last weekend. It was awesome, as everything tends to be when Tony is involved (see my blog post from his UPW in 2013 here). This Challenge was a five days times 2,5 hours virtual session in order "to learn the tools and strategies you need to THRIVE in this new world".

It´s not that easy to summarize this type of experience, but Tony helped out with 4 infographics...

Day 1

The quality of my life, is the same as the quality of my emotions

Energy is a habit!

Warrior - Magician - Lover - King

Change your Story - change your Life

Day 2

People are not their behaviors

Power posture - Peak state!

Day 3

Take massive actions

Don´t fall in love with your product

Over-deliver, give more

I´m the creator of my life

Step up!

Day 4

Lack of intimacy

I´m responsible for making my relationships work

You can´t influence another person if you are judging them

I´m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.


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