Happiness calendar from Greater Good Science Center

Today is first of August. We have had a warm and sunny July in the south of Sweden - now it is time to think about autumn activities like going back to work. 
One way af getting a good start after summer is to follow the Happiness calendar from Greater Good Science Center, part of Berkeley university. Science tells us that focusing on your personal well-being and happiness will support you in becoming more successful in life. Sounds good?

If you are interested in the Science of Happiness, you can find more information here.

Some examples from the August Happiness Calendar:

Find your sense of purpose in life

Take a walk outside

Do something fun - play

Find experiences of awe, beauty and wonder

Take a nap

Express warmth and compassion to your kids

Make your partner laugh

Believe in human goodness

Happiness is something you can measure. I found this video on Youtube from CNBC explaining why people in the Nordic countries are the happiest in the world (find more about "Danish Lykke" and "UN Happiness day"):


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