International Day of Happiness 2021

Today is the International Day of Happiness. It is an annual event organized by the United Nations to promote the idea that feeling happy is a global human right. The theme for this year´s International Day of Happiness is "Keep Calm, Stay Wise. Be Kind" and is in response to the COVID pandemic. Learn more about this day from United Nations or from the site

Every year UN publish a World Happiness Report including among many things a global survey measuring  subjective well-being among countries, mainly using the Gallup World Poll which measures life evaluation and positive/negative emotions. For many years the Nordic countries have been in the top in this ranking and this is also true this year. Below picture shows the top 20 countries in Ranking of Happiness 2018-2020:

To learn more about happiness in the Nordic countries, you can read my short summary of the book "The little book of Lykke (Happiness)" written by Meik Wiking. From this book we learn that the Nordic societies have six things in common that impacts happiness: 

Togetherness, Money, Health, Freedom, Trust, Kindness.

You can find many sites that help you in order to learn about how to become more happy. One of them is Action for Happiness where you among many things can find coming Events and inspiring YouTube webcasts...

An infographic from Action for Happiness giving us keys to happier living:

From the site, you find three ways you can celebrate the International Day of Happiness:


Do something for your own happiness - make time to do something you really enjoy, get moving outside, learn something new or write down three things you are grateful for.


Do something for someone else - donate to a food bank or charity, text or call someone to tell them what you appreciate about them, volunteer in your local community.


Share the International Day of Happiness with others and help more people get involved in the day and thinking about ways to promote happiness and mental health.

Finally, a clip from YouTube introducing the Smurfs and Unicef collaboration:


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