Supporting the mental health of Remote employees

From you can find a post describing "10 creative ways Organizations are supporting the mental health of Remote employees". A research study conducted partly by Harvard Business Review found that:

 "85% of people have expressed a decline in well-being since the start of the pandemic"

From the article, a summary of what you can do to promote mental health:

Make Mental Health a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Set health and wellness targets and value these just as much as your Business KPI´s. This is to signal to people that they take their well-being seriously

Extend Employee Mental Health Benefits to Dependants

Support not only the employee, but also their spouse and children in various health benefit programs in order to promote employee emotional well-being

Make Mental Health a Company Value

Define values like "Be Kind to Your Mind" meaning that you should avoid unnecessary urgency and have a 48 hour response time to team emails

Adopt an Outcome First Approach to Working

Give employees the autonomy and flexibility to work when they want and how they want, as long as weekly outcomes are being achieved

Help People Learn a New Instrument

Playing an instrument is like a mental full-body workout, so support employees in learning to play an instrument

Organize Lunch Roulette

To encourage people to form new relationships, now and then assign someone random in the business to have an hour lunch with

Start an Interactive Mental Health Slack Channel

Give employees a venue to share their feeling out in the open, let others know that they´re not alone, and ask for help

Move your Meetings Outside

Identify meetings where you can connect while walking outdoors, e.g at the closest park, and get some much-needed fresh air

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