Agile at Spotify - "the Spotify Model"

How do you implement
an Agile way-of-working

It seems like Spotify has succeeded within this area implementing the "Spotify Model". One of the main reasons for success is the focus on motivation and autonomy for their employees. Happy employees seems to be linked to successful product deliveries. (picture from the home page of Joakim Sundén)

There are two animated videos from Henrik Kniberg explaining a snapshot of Spotify´s approach to software engineering and people management. This approach has come to be known as the Spotify Model and is a very good introduction into agile way-of-working (videos done in 2014 and not updated afterwards). 

If you don´t have the time to look through the animated videos you can quickly read my X4mat!ve summary below: 

Autonomous squads

Be autonomous,
but don´t suboptimize!

Loosely coupled, tightly aligned squads.
Alignment enables Autonomy!

Community > Structure
Trust > Control

My colleagues are awesome!
Focus on Motivation
Agile at scale requires Trust at scale

Self service model

Release Trains + Feature Toggles
Small and frequent releases
Decoupled releases

Fail-friendly environment

We aim to make mistakes
faster than anyone else.

Failure recovery > Failure avoidance
Fail fast - Learn fast - Improve fast

Lean startup

Think it
Ship it

Innovation > Predictability

Make cool things real
Spotify Hack Week
Value delivery > Plan Fulfillment
Experiment-friendly, data-driven decisions

Waste-repellant culture aka LEAN

If it works, keep it!
Otherwise dump it.

Chaos > Bureaucracy

Definition of AWESOME

Toyota improvement kata
Now - Next target - Action - Awesome

You are the culture

Model the behavior you want to see
Healthy culture heals Broken process.
use Culture focused roles

If you want to see some reflection on "The Spotify Model and Culture - a true story?", look into this link from Quality in Agile... see below:


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