Taylor Swift 2023 Person of the Year

TIME har för 2023 utsett Taylor Swift till "Person of the Year" - Grattis!

Enligt TIME så får hon priset för:
  • In a divided world, where too many institutions are failing, Taylor Swift found a way to transcend borders and be a source of light. No one else on the planet today can move so many people so well
  • While her popularity has grown across the decades, this is the year that Swift, 33, achieved a kind of nuclear fusion: shooting art and commerce together to release an energy of historic force. She did it by embracing what she does better than anyone, entertaining and writing songs that connect with people
  • In the 17 years since her debut, Swift has notched more No. 1 albums than any other woman in history. This year alone she had three
  • Indeed, this isn’t the first time Swift has been part of TIME Person of the Year; in 2017, she was among the “Silence Breakers” we recognized for standing up and speaking out against discrimination, harassment, and assault faced by too many women for far too long
  • For building a world of her own that made a place for so many, for spinning her story into a global legend, for bringing joy to a society desperately in need of it, Taylor Swift is TIME’s 2023 Person of the Year

Jag har gillat Taylor Swift i många år. För mig är hon inte riktigt på samma nivå som Kylie Minogue, Belinda Carlisle och Lady Gaga, men strax därefter ;-)
Mellan 2010 och 2016 roade jag mig med att sätta ihop Youtube-spellistor en gång i månaden med ungefär sju exformativt magiska musikvideos att bli hänförd av. De kan man hitta via min Youtube-kanal (om man är intresserad av lite nostalgi). På dessa listor var Taylor Swift en flitig deltagare.


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