a Coaching Leadership style

What is a coaching leadership style anyway? And, how is it linked to Primal leadership?

Daniel Goleman has defined six different leadership styles to chose from in any given situation. These six styles comes from Goleman´s work on emotional intelligence, which sets out the underlying competencies associated with successful leadership (see table below from unc-blog). Goleman encourages leaders "to view the styles as six golf clubs, with each one being used in a different situation."

A coaching leadership style is appropriate "to help competent, motivated employees improve performance by building long-term capabilities.
Leadership characteristics for this leadership style: "listens, helps people identifying their own strenghts and weaknesses, counselor, encourages, delegates. This style is successful because "it connects what a person wants with the organisation´s goals".

From the Wishful Thinking, creative coaching and training blog, I found a post about "Coaching and Leadership". Read it or beat it!
They write, among other things, a recommendation for the book "Coaching for performance" by John Whitmore, a book that I also can recommend:

A classic book, by former racing car champion Sir John Whitmore. With Timothy Gallwey he formed Inner Game Ltd, which introduced principles from their sports coaching into the business arena. Whitmore emphasizes the facilitative nature of coaching in this excellent definition: ‘Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them’. He goes on to show how the real value of coaching skills such as listening, asking questions and giving nonjudgmental feedback is in enabling coachees to develop their awareness and responsibility through decisions and action. The book also introduces the GROW model, which is now a widely adopted framework for coaching in business

My final statement/quote inspired by Hamlet:
Be a coach or be coached - that´s not the question, it´s the answer


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