Magic Primal Leadership

I´m a bit upset concerning the concept of Primal Leadership. At an age of 44, I am really concerned about the fact that this concept is so poorly spread among my fellow leaders and also so poorly understood by myself, sofar... But, for me this is not rocket science, it is though scientifically explaining something that is more of an intuitive knowledge for me and also has been one of my core values throughout my career. That is, a leaders primal task is to secure that his/her personnel are in a good mood.

So, what is this about?
(Read my earlier blog post related to a summary of Primal leadership and the full HBR article as input)

A great body of research (by Daniel Goleman and his collegues) has found that emotional intelligence is carried through an organization like electricity through wires. The leader´s mood is affecting everyone throughout the business. Managing for financial results should start with the leader securing that the right emotional and behavioral chain reation occurs. Therefore, the leaders primal task is to manage his own inner life so that he is acting authentic, positive and with high-energy, then making sure that all his/her followers feel and act that way too.

For me this has implications in broader perspective, for all leadership roles where you are about to lead, coach, manage or teach a group of people, of course for different organizational line managers, but also for project managers, sales managers, parents, teachers, sports coaches, politicians and so on.

So, the question for today to you is:
In what contexts are you a leader and how do you secure that your followers are in a good mood?

Finally, a YouTube clip from one of the co-authers of the HBR article on primal leadership. Richard Boyatzis, showing us what primal leadership is all about ...:


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