Dare To Be Desigual

I must admit that I really love Desigual. I have bought two shirts (see photo), that communicate a clear message with statements and values that makes me happy.
Desigual uses clothes to tell a story and to communicate their values. Many brands are trying to instill stories, thoughts and power into their brand - Desigual takes it one step further by really using the actual clothes to communicate their story.

Some statements from their company profile (found at desigual.com):
  • It´s not the same.
  • We dress people, not bodies.
  • We create clothes and accessories with a heart... Clothes that touch the emotions.
  • It thrills us to thrill you.
  • Our secret: Fun and Profit.
  • Life is cool!!!
My final comment: It´s all about exformation!

Finally, an informative and exformative video showing how Desigual clothes are made - Made with Love:

Do you dare to be Desigual?


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