Remember to sing and dance

I would like to thank the Swedish NLP-föreningen på Facebook (specifically Kim Elman) for this clip - Stepping forward, A Hero´s journey, TEDx Academy by Dr. Joseph Riggio. The clip comes from an animated TED Talk in Athens October 2011, and it is all about:
  • the true nature of how our brains work
  • how our educational system has failed to prepare us properly
  • why it is so important to remember to sing and dance

Some cornerstones:

We have the capacity to change the way we think about how we think
We uneducate our children
Our body allows us to be in the world and to "embody experience"
We need to teach our kids to dance
If you do not take control of the stories that you are living, then you will be living someone else´s story
... so get out of your heads, and into the world and take joy and wonder in the fact that you have a body to do it with

I like how this talk describes the misunderstanding of todays educational system, explaining the importance of emotional intelligence and intuition in order to get in sync with other people... The world is not only what we say that we see - it is also about everything we unconsciously feel...


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