The Power of Networks by Manuel Lima - RSA

It came to my mind that it was a while since I checked out if there were any new RSA Animate movies on YouTube... there was...

What is this clip below "The Power of Networks" all about?
An exformatic  teaser:

Trees have been really important knowledge classification systems

Modern science stages:
  1. Problems of simplicity
  2. Disorganized complexity
  3. Organized complexity

Wikipedia, is really one of the largest Rhizomatic structures ever created by man - Knowledge is highly interconnected

There is a dense network of bacteria tying very different species together (90% of the human body is made of bacteria) - the Web of Life

Is there such a thing as a universal structure?
- well, you need to know a little bit of everything

The future is about NETWORK THINKING

 See the whole clip here, direct from YouTube:


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