the Neuroscience of Sleep

In this TED talk, you will learn more about the Neuroscience of sleep - "Why do we sleep", by circadian neuroscientist Russel Foster.

Some highlights:

if you live to 90, 32 years will have been spent entirely asleep...

Why do we sleep?
  1. Restoration - all the stuff that we have burned up during the day, we restore, we replace, we rebuild during the night.
  2. Energy conservation - you essentially sleep to save calories
  3. Brain function - brain processing and memory consolidation...

a Lack of sleep creates:
- poor memory
- increased impulsiveness
- poor judgement
- weight gain
- increases stress
And, new neuroscience has also seen a link between sleep disruption and mental illness.

The "Sleep for dummies":
- dark room and slightly cool (reduce your light exposure at least 30 minutes before you go to bed)
- turn off mobiles and computers
- no caffeine in the evening
- wind down
- seek out morning light

Take your sleep seriously; 
it increases:
- concentration
- attention
- decision making
- creativity
- social skills
- health

it decreases:
- mood changes
- stress
- level of anger
- impulsivity
- tendency to drink and take drugs

See the talk at TED (where you can see also the transcript) or down below via YouTube:


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