TED - Radical transparency och Algorithmic decision-making

Ett TED Talk som berör... om hur du använder dig av Radical transparency & Algorithmic decision-making för att uppnå framgång...
Ray Dalio startade Bridgewater 1975 och har sedan dess etablerat sig som en enormt framgångsrik investerare och filantrop. Han publicerade den animerade filmen "How the Economic Machine Works" för några år sedan - en berättelse om hur ekonomin i dagens samhälle fungerar.

Summering av hans TED Talk "How to build a company where the best ideas win":

In order to be an effective investor
one has to bet against the consensus and be right.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur,
one has to bet against the consensus and be right.

What would I do differently in the future
so I wouldn´t make that painful mistake?

What an arrogant jerk!
I was so arrogant, and I was so wrong!

How do I know I´m right?

I wanted to have an idea meritocracy
in which the best ideas would win out.

I realized that we would need radical truthfulness
and radical transparency.

This process allows us to make decisions 
not based on democracy
not based on autocracy
but based on algorithms 
that takes peoples believability 
into consideration.

We do this because it elevates ourselves 
above our own opinions,
so that we start to see things 
through everybody´s eyes,
and we see things collectively.

There are two you´s inside you: 
there´s an emotional you
and there´s an intellectual you
and often they´re at odds,
and often they work against you.

It´s given us more effective work, 
and it´s given us more effective relationships.

Klart sevärt.
Ray Dalio i sitt TED Talk om "How to build a company where the best ideas win":


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