Everyday compassion at Google

What is it that makes Google such a successful company? Could it be that they passionately search for individuals that are more intelligent than the average? Or, is it something completely different ...

I have found that Google, among many other things, have something called authors at Google. One session within this concept was from Jon Kabat-Zinn about Mindfulness. The host for this event was the "Jolly good fellow" from Google, called Chade-Meng Tan. He is now Head of personal growth in Google. In his latest TED Talk called "Everyday compassion at Google", he talks about compassion as a vehicle for profitability. I think this subject really should be digested and reflected upon.

Tieto states that we are all about: Knowledge - Passion - Result. After having looked through this TED Talk, maybe it is time for an update:
Knowledge - comPassion - Result.

See the TED talk below and decide - what impact that this have for you?


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