NLP communication model

Friday night after "Let´s dance" - what to do? Why not trying to summarize the NLP communication model. How hard could that be?

Well, the picture to the right (from shows that humans (that is you and me) recieve data through our senses, creating meaning by deleting, distorting and generalizing using e.g values, beliefs and programs. This is stored as pictures, sounds and feelings by an internal representation in our brain, both conscious and unconscious. This then together with our state and physiology creates our behaviour.
I found some YouTube clips that explains this from their viewpoint.

Firstly: "This is a new presentation of the famous NLP Communication Model which shows how, each moment, millions of impressions are filtered by every human being and translated into behavior":

Secondly: "Mr Thompson of Ascent explains the Neuro-linguistic programming model of interpersonal communications"

So, exformation could be explained as the "meaning" you create out of the communicated information you recieve and send through your filters. Exformation is all information you get ride of to simplify the content as much as possible in order to get some tangible grip of what was communicated...or?!


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