Sharma productivity unleashed

I have discovered Robin Sharma. It took some time. I did know about him for quite some time, but not until I read his book "The leader who had no title" I can truly say that I found him and took him to my heart.

From his newsletter (via I got this new "boosting" video:
Beat procrastination. Distroy distractions. Get big things done.

Short summary of the video "New tactics to Become the Most Productive Person You Know":
1. Walk with the giants
  You will become a lot like the five people
    you spend most of your time with.
2. Play out on the wire
  Life is lived on the wire,
    the rest is just waiting.
  The more little risks you take every day,
    the more you grow in your power.
3. Build genius level habits
  Build great habits
4. Set five little goals every single day
   "the big five"
5. Spend time alone
  Pull yourself away from the noise.
  Time alone recharges your focus.
6. Read a book a week

See the full YouTube video here:


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