29 september 2010

Cloud computing - a business attitude change

I attended an Ovum Master Class event yesterday in "Cloud computing - the benefits and challenges of computing on the cloud".

My short summary of this event is:
SOA, server virtualisation, focus on business benefits, dynamic, data confidentiality, restraining force is organisational culture, SLA´s, cloud - evolution & revolution, hybrid public clouds, still immature, IaaS, private clouds: portal to self-service order & configuration, success = right recipe of private/public/hybrid/legacy, focus on business value and governance - extension to SOA governance, security, cloud is 90% management, how to secure semantic operability, commodity, creative destruction, governance is the brains of the cloud, ISO27001 / NIST 2011, cloud is about people management, MS Azure, Amazon, Salesforce.com, Google apps, Hype, Saas/PaaS, VMware, Accenture/Cap Gemini, transformational offerings, pricing mgmt, usage metering, cloud broker, Rackspace, interoperability / portability, SaaS will explode in the coming years ...

One great inspirational session in this master class was Simon Wardley (photo from "flickr.com/photos/pinarozger/3752570894/") talking about "Situation Normal, Everything Must Change" related to Cloud computing. See similar speach via YouTube clip from OSCON:

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