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I´m getting into the Cloud - computing, services & consulting...

I found a great marketing initiative from Unisys on YouTube. It´s called "a show about Cloud computing, to show you that we´re smart".

In this TV-YouTube-show, Jason Noel, Vice President IT Management Advisory Services at Unisys, explains everything there is to know about "the Cloud". In my opinion he does this in an innovative and inspiring way that sets a new standard in IT consulting marketing ...

From my perspective this form of learning is very attractive. I like the way Unisys "makes a TV-show", with some humour introduced, related to a quite complex issue like Cloud computing. I am a "visual learning guy" who likes to look at something while I´m learning. Using humour works for me in the sense that my brain remembers it more easily due to the humour part. Jason also seems inspired by some cognitive techniques in this show, like "pattern braking" (moving from a physical room to another) which makes the complex information stick.

Well, get exformated.
Below is episode 4 embedded, "The Alignment Assignment":

See more in the Unisys YouTube channel ...


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