Leading change

Igår kväll hemkommen från London efter att ha tillbringat en vecka med att förkovra mig kring Change management. Lyxigt. Helgen tillbringades därefter tillsammans med frun med att shoppa, gå på musical, äta & dricka gott... Lyxigt.

Här följer några utdrag ur "Making sense of Change management" av Cameron & Green, kapitel 4 (Leading change):

  • Visionary leadership: unless you know where you are going, and why, you cannot possibly get there.

  • Leaders prepare organizations for change and help them cope as they struggle through it.

  • Visionary leaders all appear to have a central story that connects with the audience´s point and which also is embodied in the leader him- or herself.

  • Leadership of the 21st century organizations is about challenging people, taking them out of their comfort zones, letting people feel external pressure and exposing conflict.

  • Leaders should help others make good connections, and to develop a sense of common purpose across boundaries, thus building commitment across a wide domain.

  • Change leadership comes from developing communities of interdependant leaders across organizations.

  • Leaders involved in leading change have to develop especially strong inner leadership because of the emotions arising from their own drive to achieve, coupled with potential resistance from many levels, and the discomfort involved with letting go of old habits.

  • Expect the unexpected. Do not panic when the path of changes twist or turn.

  • Leaders must take responsibility for their own learning, and treat it as a route to self-knowledge and self-expression.

  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Ett kapitel med mycket godsaker från bl a Steve Covey, Peter Senge, John Kotter och Daniel Goleman.

Dessutom, ett YouTube klipp - authors@google med Daniel Goleman att reflektera kring. Daniel hälsar på hos företaget som samlat de skarpaste hjärnorna (IQ-mässigt) för att prata om EQ (emotionell intelligens);


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