The divided brain by RSA Animate

A couple of days ago a new RSA Animate clip was produced - "The Divided Brain", based on a lecture by Iain McGilchrist. I love this concept!
Here is the exformative written summary of the YouTube clip embedded below:

Left hemisphere is for narrow, sharply focused attention to details versus the right hemisphere is for sustained, broad, open, vigilant alertness.

The right hemisphere yields a world of individual, changing, evolving, interconnected, implicit, incarnate living beings in the context of the lived world.

For a broad understanding we use knowledge from the right hemisphere.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

I love the RSA concept, but I do not feel that this specific lecture gave me loads of new good stuff. I am pretty much into these topics, psychology and intuition, and I like this type of lectures where you get a new insight into the complexity of humanity, brought to us by the function of our brain. Lately, my personal favorite in this topic is Dan Pink, and his book "A whole new mind - why right-brainers will rule the future" (see earlier blog post partly in Swedish)... where you get inspiration and some hints how to be better in using more of your right hemisphere.

Now, the clip:

The whole lecture can be found here...


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