Tony Robbins tells the Rocky story

Yesterday I met a collegue that attended a 4-day Tony Robbins inspiration halleluja meeting in Italy. She told me a story about how to chose your own attitude - from a "Oh, fuck" attitude, to a "Fuck you" attitude. She also told me that one really amazing inspirational story that she heard, was Tony Robbins telling "the Rocky story" - a story of motivation and commitment.

I had to find it, and of course it was on YouTube (unfortunately not able to embed) but here is the link!

Having listening to this, I also saw that actually Sylvester Stallone is telling this story himself. Quite good also. See the first episode here:

Then, I also heard that the next Anthony Robbins halleluja meeting in Europe, "Unleash the power within",  is in London this May. Maybe time for some personal change... look into the "marketing video" below for a teaser:

By the way, I am thinking of attending. Any month now, I will decide ... I must reflect somewhat first...


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