Visual Auditory Kinesthetic

One method to descripe different learning styles, is the VAK model (Visual Auditory Kinesthetic). We use it to understand how to use different communication styles to reach people, to be really effective in our communciation. I found some interesting clips via YouTube.

From YouTube, clip nr1:
Learn how your own communications style affects your interaction with your friends, colleagues, and clients. In this segment, Dr. Brian Walsh (author of Unleashing Your Brilliance) explains the NLP concepts of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles and how these apply to interpersonal communications.

Another one explaining different "Teaching strategies":
Teaching strategies on effectively reaching kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning styles.

A third clip where you can do some excercises and get a result regarding your own learning style;

When I do above test, and also when doing some other tests in this context, I find myself being mostly Visual, secondly Kinesthetic and lastly Auditory. That is probably why I like Infographics and "watching music-videos", why I like dancing in a party but do not prefer to demonstrate things, and finally it explaines why I don´t "hear" what my wife tells me if I don´t have the possibility to write it down somewhere... do they know it´s christmas time at all...


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