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Från boken "Principles of NLP" av Joseph O´Connor och Ian McDermott hittade jag följande tänkvärda historia om skillnaden mellan att säga att man tror på något och att göra det. Jag citerar direkt från boken:

Many years ago, the Great Zumbrati had just completed a tightrope walk over the Niagara Falls. The conditions were bad, it was a blustery day and he was very glad when he stepped safely onto the other side to meet his public, an admiring crowd of well-wishers. One man was waiting holding a wheelbarrow.
"That was wonderful!" said the man. You are a master!
The Great Zumbrati thanked him and said that the weather had made the crossing very difficult.
"Nonsense", said the man. "I bet you could walk back across pushing this wheelbarrow."
Zumbrati demurred. "I don´t think so", he said. "Conditions are to bad."
The man, however, would not give up and kept urging him to do it. Zumbrati became exasperated.
"You really believe I could, don´t you?" he asked the man.
"Are you sure?"
"OK. Get in the wheelbarrow."

Vad kan man lära sig av ovan story - aktiveras det nån exformation i ditt medvetande?

Samma story på YouTube:


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