Tieto Talent 2010

Friday evening it was time for the Tieto Talent 2010 event - "Tieto Talent is Tieto's internal virtual year end event, where employees around the world celebrate together. The competition is open for all 17 000 Tieto employees and talents from ten different countries are qualified to perform in the finale in Riga. The show was broadcasted live in full HD quality via satellite and internet to all Tieto locations around the world." Tieto Talent is a happening to boost Tieto employees internally but also part of the external marketing communications from Tieto via the Tieto corporation YouTube channel. (picture from Tieto home page).

How is this competition percieved - internally and externally?
Personally I like this type of event very much, either if it is "Top Idol" or "Got talent" on TV or if it is this type of event within the company. But, I understood during the evening that there were many other opinions regarding this event, depending mainly on the exformation this event activates within people´s brains. Examples of opinions:
  • This broadcasted event destroys the christmas party dinner - I do not want to look and listen to a loosy talent competition while having a party...
  • I don´t like talent shows, not on TV and not in Tieto...
  • How much money does this event cost, renting a conference facility for a week, production and crew costs - could we not have used this money for other better purposes?
  • If you want to spend money on this type of event - make people compete in something with real value that is linked to what Tieto is doing...
  • This is just another exemple of Finnish top management - giving themselves a reason to go to Riga and party together...
My reflection - communication and leadership is not easy. You have always to understand the exformation that is being communicated.
Finally, an interview and the actual performance from the Tieto Talent winner 2010, Anders Ekenstierna from Malmö, Sweden:


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