Exformation Magic7 music videos January 2011

I really like music videos. I especially like songs where the video adds value to the song in terms of emotional communication, videos that are good at storytelling, i.e when exformation is being communicated. This is my Magic7 music video list for January 2011.

Starting off with Take That and their new majestic single "The Flood", September doing a magnificient interpretation of Petter hit song "Mikrofonkåt" from the TV-show "Så mycket bättre", OneRepublic with their new magic hit "Secrets", Robyn with the no1 song from 2010 (according to Guardian readers) "Dancing by my own", Owl City with the beautiful song "Fireflies", David Guetta (feat. Kelly Rowland) with the love song "When love takes over" and finally an old nostalgia video by A-ha  "Take on me".

Enjoy the new year with these exformative music videos!


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