An exformative mind

I´ve found a new exformation friend. He´s name is Steve and he has an internet site called MasterFacilitatorJournal. He has written a blog post about "the dawn of the exformation age" (compare my posts about "the exformation society"), where he shares some thoughts of using exformation in facilitation, here´s some highlights:
Overcome by the sheer weight of information bred by the information age, it may be time for the Age of Exformation! I believe this is something we have all been waiting for. So now I'll share a few simple tips to held you and others facilitate the exformation of verbal communication.
Step one: Slow down.The most basic advice I have in communicating with elegance begins with simply slowing down. When we slow our output, it seems that ideas have time to bubble to the surface with increased clarity. And clearer thoughts and images are easier to describe in clear terms.
Listen to yourself. I notice that when I find myself rambling, it is noticed that I'm rambling, and I can stop. Finding yourself is the key. When I'm lost in my head, I'm lost. It's like running into the store while you've left your car motor running. In a word, this is unconscious chatter. It's a common habit, especially for those intellectuals among us, to sometimes speak when we're fully absorbed in our thoughts. It is possible however to be aware of yourself speaking, to listen to the sound of your own voice, and the thoughts still come. In fact, they often come more refined this way.
Listen to the receiver. Exformation is about shared context. Consider and create shared experience with your listener for more effective communication. For example, though I'd only met Bill at the door five minutes ago, I allowed myself to be completely absorbed listening to him describe his love of basketball. While I'm not a fan at all, allowing myself to feel his experience like he was feeling it helped me into his world for a short while. From this place, we had a shared context, a place where I could point to things in his world to make my point.
Encourage Exformication. OK, this is a bit of a stretch but good humor is a prime example of exformation. The urban dictionary defines Exfornication as: The purification of one's mind and body. Create an agreement with your groups and with your friends to practice the use of exformation. When your colleagues need a little help, ask them to exformicate or exfornicate. It's good for a laugh and a great reminder to cut to the chase.

Steve has also produced a great presentation about exformation, using the concept of Pecha Kucha. (Picture above is from his presentation).
Finally, a video from YouTube about "10 Mind and Brain Mysteries, Mind Control Report"
What psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience doesn't understand about the brain and mind. What is intelligence? What is consciousness? Why do we sleep and dream? What are emotions? How is memory stored and recalled?


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